About Us

Based just outside Stoke on Trent, we have our workshops, offices and training centre. Our technicians and engineers live within 20 miles of the office. Our site is centrally position so as to provide economically attractive services to places such as Leeds, Manchester, Bolton, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Worcester Redditch, and Newport.  The needs of Primary school IT, Secondary school IT and Independent school IT are sufficiently common that we can kit out our vans with the right equipment, and have trained personnel with knowledge and understanding to provide a great level of service across the region. 

The ICTn business was set up 20 years ago by our two founding Directors Stephen Groom and Sean Jenkins who at the time were involved as IT either as a Teacher, or as an IT support specialist. They got together and formed the business in response to their frustration with the suppliers of the time being unable to provide an appropriate service to their schools. The business was aimed specifically at using advanced technology to affect the learning outcomes in the classrooms - at a value for money price. 

Starting with the advanced skills of the Directors, the business focused on the practical implementation of excellent IT and the support and maintenance of that infrastructure. We sold hardware and software - providing quality support at low prices across the country, and became a preferred supplier for larger businesses like RM and others. As we research and validate all the suppliers of hardware - we have become a recognised leader in understanding what 




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